quarta-feira, abril 27, 2011

Coca-Cola 2010 Fifa World Cup Billboard Ramallah Palestine Authority

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The Left party's protesters all over the world and Arab propaganda say "do not drink Coca-Cola - every drop is a Palestiniam blood drop." But the real thing is that Coca-Cola is very present to Palestinians at the Territories and Gaza. Sorry about the focus but I couldn't managed to get back to this spot, because I was on a controlled trip to interview the Palestinian mayor and visit Arafat tomb.

There is another real thing. Every place you search about Betunia, a city 2.4 km from Ramallah, and 14 km from Jerusalem you'll find about "massacred citty", "victimized community", "prisoners in their own country". It's like there is no economic activity in the place, but Betunia is the place of Coca-Cola Palestine Bottler and you'll not find this info on Palestinian wesites. Until now I was unable to went to Betunia and visit the plant. May be someone nearby can do it.

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