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Coca-Cola Campanha Coracao maio 2011 Negative News Backlit

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Coca-Cola Campanha Coracao maio 2011 Singing Bilboard

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Coca-Cola Friolandia Cocapacabana Rio de Janeiro 2011

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Coca-Cola Chalkboard Copacabana small bar Rio de Janeiro 2011

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Coca-Cola Chile Emotional Health 2011

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2006 Fifa World Cup Limited ed 2 Coca-Cola Italy

2006 Coca Cola can from Italy, World Cup 2006

2006 Fifa World Cup Limited ed 1 Coca-Cola Italy

2006 Coca Cola can from Italy, World Cup 2006 2

2010 Fifa World Cup Limited Ed Coca-Cola Jordan

ed Edition World Cup 2010 Coca Cola Cans  Jordan

2010 Fifa World Cup Cherry Coke slim Korea

Korea Korean World Cup Cherry Coca-Cola 1

2009 Open Summer promo for 2010 World Cup South Africa Coca-Cola

2009 Coca Cola can from South Africa, Open Summahhh

2003 Vibezone promo Coca-Cola Brazil

2003 Brazil coca cola VIBEZONE single can 350ml

1996 Fifa World Cup promo Coca-Cola Brazil

1998 Coca Cola 'Sede de 5' can set from Brazil

2000s Coca-Cola Light Lemon promo Brazil

2--4 Coca Cola light lemon 'Seu brilho é' can from Brazil

Not produced anymore in Brazil

2003 Art Fashiom set Spec Ed Coca-Cola Light Belgium

2003 Coca Cola Light 5 cans set from Belgium, Fashion 4

2002 Art Set Coca-Cola Ligth Belgium

2002 Coca Cola Light 4 cans set from Belgium, Art

2005 Historical Limited ed Coca-Cola Belgium

2005 Coca Cola 4 cans set from Belgium

2007 Dance Valey Art Coca-Cola Holland

COCA COLA - Can from HOLLAND (Dance Valley)

1999 Turn of Mileninum Coca-Cola Australia 250 ml

2000 Coca Cola can from Australia, Team Millenium 250ml

1992 500 years of Columbus landfall Bahamas

1992 Coca Cola can from the Bahamas First Landfall 1492

2006 Coca-Cola 120 Years 8 can set Japan

2006 Coca Cola 8 cans set from Japan, 120th anniversary

2011 Coca-Cola Hokaido Snow Festival Japan

coca cola Snow festival of 2011 Hokkaido

Note de return of the “ribed” top can.

2011 Coca-Cola 2012 UEFA Soccer Cup Poland


2011 Dr Pepper Thor Movie Canada

Canada Dr pepper Thor cans set non coca cola

Since middle 2010 Dr Pepper is distributed by Coca-Cola in Canada an at US machines. It is made by Coca-Cola in Europe for decades.

2011 Coca-Cola Zero Sem Cafeína Holland

2011 Caffeine Free Coca Cola Zero can from Holland

2010 Coca-Cola Light Christmas Polar Bears Mexico

Cocacola Can from Mexico. Chrismast 2010 light

2010 Coca-Cola Zero Samurai Movie Vietnam

2010 vietnam coca cola samural can

2009 Coca-Cola Hapiness Factory 6 can set Holland

2009 Coca Cola 6 cans set from Holland, Happiness Facto

2010 Coca-Cola Light Ukraine

2010 Coca Cola Light can from the Ukraine, 250ml

2010 Coca-Cola China Universiade 2011

2010 China coca cola SZ 2011 Universiade 5 cans set

2010 Coca-Cola Special Edition Russia

2010 Limited Coca Cola can from Russia

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Coke 125 anos Plant Bottle UK

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Coke 125 anos lata outro modelo de pinup

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2011 Coca-Cola 125 years Holland 6 can set pinups

2011 Coca Cola 6 cans set from Holland, 125th anniv

2011 Coca-Cola 125 years Puerto Rico

Coca Cola 125 years anniversary can from Puerto Rico

2011 Coca-Cola 125 years Hong Kong complete set

Hong Kong China Coca-Cola 125th years james of cans

2011 Coca-Cola 125 years Hong Kong

2011 Hongkong coca cola 125 yrs anniversary

2011 Coca-Cola 125 years BENELUX 6 can set pinups

BENELUX Coca-Cola 125 Years

2011 Coca-Cola 125 years Canada Quebec region

Canada coca cola can 125 years quebec

2011 Coca-Cola 125 years UK two cans


2011 Coca-Cola 125 years UK single can

UK Coca Cola 125 years 330ml can

2011 Coca-Cola Vanilla 125 years Malasya

Malaysia 125 year anniversary Coca-Cola Coke Vanila Can 1

2011 Coca-Cola 125 years Spain and Portugal

COCA COLA - Can from SPAIN e portugal (125 Años)

1986 Coca-Cola 100 years Japan

1986 Coca Cola can from Japan, Centennial Celebration

2011 Coca-Cola Music 250 ml Germany

COCA-COLA Coke MUSIC 2011 can SET 250ml  germany

Coca-Cola 2010 Fifa World Cup Billboard Ramallah Palestine Authority

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The Left party's protesters all over the world and Arab propaganda say "do not drink Coca-Cola - every drop is a Palestiniam blood drop." But the real thing is that Coca-Cola is very present to Palestinians at the Territories and Gaza. Sorry about the focus but I couldn't managed to get back to this spot, because I was on a controlled trip to interview the Palestinian mayor and visit Arafat tomb.

There is another real thing. Every place you search about Betunia, a city 2.4 km from Ramallah, and 14 km from Jerusalem you'll find about "massacred citty", "victimized community", "prisoners in their own country". It's like there is no economic activity in the place, but Betunia is the place of Coca-Cola Palestine Bottler and you'll not find this info on Palestinian wesites. Until now I was unable to went to Betunia and visit the plant. May be someone nearby can do it.

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Coca-Cola 125 years can Brazil april 2011

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Amazing Coca-Cola, at store Skopje, Macedonia

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Coca-Cola Macedonia 2011

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Preserved Wall Painting Clover, South Carolina

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Coca-Cola electric delivery car

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Taylor Dunn electric delivery cart delivering Coca Cola products in downtown Guadalajara, Mexico.