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2005 Music promo Coca-Cola Italy

2005 Coca Cola can from Italy, Live at MTV

2008 New Year Coca-Cola Cambodia

2008 cambodia coca cola new year coke can

2006 Side of Life Coca-Cola Hong Kong

2006 Coca Cola can from Hong Kong, CC Side of life

2006 Side of Life Coca-Cola Hong Kong

2006 Coca Cola can from Hong Kong, CC Side of life 2

2005 Toma lo Bueno Coca-Cola Venezuela

2005 Coca Cola can from Venezuela, Toma Lo Bueno

“Fight for your dreams”

2000 Sidney Olympics Badmington Mascot Coca-Cola Malasya

2000 Coca Cola can from Malaysia, Sydney 2000 Badminton

1996 Atlanta Olympics mascot Coca-Cola Spain

1996 Coca Cola can from Spain, Atlanta 96 Mascot

1992 Disneyland ToonTown Mickey Coca-Cola

1992 Disneyland Mickey's Toon Town  Coca Cola Disneyland Soda Can 2

1992 Disneyland ToonTown Roger Rabit Diet Coke

1992 Disneyland diet coke Mickey's Toon Town Diet Coca Cola Disneyland Soda Can

Old Fridge waiting for better days

originally uploaded by tobydh.

very old coke vendig machine saw at Treasures & Junk 215 S. San Antonio Ave Ontario,ca

Coca-Coca The "REEL" Thing

originally uploaded by Keltron1.

sábado, maio 28, 2011

Feliz fin de semana !!!

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2011 Karl Lagerfeld Limited Ed Aluminun Bottles Coca-Cola UK

Coca Cola Original Advertising Coke Bottle 2011 karl lagerfled 1

2011 Indy 500 100 years Coca-Cola limited ed US


2011 New Year Coca-Cola Cambodia

cambodia coca cola 2011 new year coke can

2005 Nascar Limited Edition Glass wrapped Coca-Cola US


2003 GP Macau Coca-Cola China

2003 Coca Cola can from Macau, 2003 Macau Grand Prix

2007 Lebanon local pop star Nancy Coca-Cola Side of Life

pop satr nacy lebanon coca-cola side of life 2007

1995 Summer Coca-Cola Argentina

1995 Coca Cola can from Argentina, Verano

2000 Bullet Train Coca-Cola 250 ml Hong Kong

2000 Coca Cola can from Hong Kong, train (250ml)

2010 Summer Cans Coca-Cola New Zealand

Coca Cola summer set of cans New Zealand

Detail of the Day from april 1944 ad


Enjoy Coca-Cola West Fens, Boston

originally uploaded by WorldOfBenjamin.

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working bottle for museum 'World of Coca-cola' in Atlanta

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quarta-feira, maio 25, 2011

Coca-Cola 125 Reasons Art Book Brazil

originally uploaded by roitberg.

Coca-Cola in Brazil made a restricted distribution art book about it's actual mkting campaing. It is an amazing material. But understanding web power, anyone can download a pdf full version of it, to be watched in computers or tablets. (70 MB)

A Coca-Cola Brasil fez um livro de arte espetacular para comemorar os 125 anos. O livro tem distribuição restrita mas qualquer um pode baixar o pdf completo para ler no computador ou tablet (link acima)

Interpack 2011 Coca-Cola bottles with sleeves representing fashion designers

originally uploaded by FoodBev Photos.

Interpack 2011 hograpphic Coke Pack Israel

originally uploaded by FoodBev Photos.

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Tech Tower & Coca Cola Building 125

originally uploaded by JimPowers145.

Bakery sign in San Francisco's chinatown.

originally uploaded by Mark Coggins.

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2011 Coca-Cola Newstand Backlit - The Good Campaing - Rio de Janeiro

originally uploaded by roitberg.

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125 Atlanta Tower Coca-Cola 3D building animation

11 MAY 20060062 Coca-Cola Advert Dublin Bus

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2005 New Year Coca-Cola Taiwan

05 Coca Cola can from Taiwan, Happy New Year

2000s iPod Nano Promo Coca-Cola Portugal

PORTUGAL iPOD Nano Promotion

1994 Red Sea Jazz Festival Coca-Cola Israel

COCA COLA empty can Jazz Festival Red Sea 1994, Israel

2004 Music Festival Coca-Cola Belgium set

2004 Coca Cola 8 cans set from Belgium, Festivals

2003 Dance Valley Festival Coca-Cola Holland set

2003 Netherlands coca cola DANCE 8 cans set 330ml

2001 Black Coca-Cola Light can Brazil

2001 Coca Cola can from Brazil, Night

2005 250ml can Coca-Cola Light Belgium Promo

2005 Coca Cola light 'Get your 0,5 l...' can from Belgium.

Saudi Arabia film festival Coca-Cola Light 2000s

Coca Cola light 'Simply irresistible' can Saudi Arabia.

2001 Coca-Cola Light Argentina

2001 Coca Cola Light can from Argentina $0,75

2011 Palestine Summer Coca-Cola Betunia-Ramallah

empty promo can 330ml, palestine 2011

2011 Love Summer Promo Coca-Cola Israel set

Coca Cola - empty promo can summer love Israel 2011 3

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Thirst at Times Square Coca-Cola Manhattan

originally uploaded by Robin Stock.

Fanta Honey Lemon is new from Coca-Cola Japan

originally uploaded by FoodBev Photos.