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quinta-feira, fevereiro 14, 2013

2005 Art can Coca-Cola Light Norway

2005 Coca Cola Light can from Norway, Limited Art Edition

2004 Art Set Coca-Cola Light Norway

2004 Coca Cola Light 4 cans set from Norway, Creative Art

2012 Olympic Sports glass bottle caps Coca-Cola Brasil


2013 Show Your Heart Diet Coke campaing Coca-Cola US

Diet Coke & Caff Free Diet Coke 2013 Women's Heart Health Show Your Heart

Old TAB can in French Coca-Cola Canada

Sugar Free Tab - A Low Calorie Beverage Tin Can - Canadian

2013 Fanta Pet Strange Flavors Coca-Cola Japan

JAPAN Fanta PET BOTTLE x4 52010-2012 Zero Cider-Peach

Regular Orange, Grape, and stange Cider and Peach

2013 Fanta Honey Lemon Limited ed Coca-Cola Japan

japan fanta honey lemons limited ed

2012 Fanta Melon 500 ml Aluminun Bottle Coca-Cola Japan

RARE 2012 FANTA Melon Soda Japan Aluminum 500 ml

2007 Christmas Aluminun Bottle Coca-Cola Austria

Christmas 2007 Austria aluminium, alu bottle

2012 Bangladesh Logo 250 ml glass bottle Coca-Cola

Bangladesh 250ml red

2012 Nepal Logo 250 ml glass bottle Coca-Cola

250ml Nepal red ACL

1982 Fifa World Cup Coca-Cola Brazil

82 Coca Cola can from Brazil, Munidal
Coca-Cola the smile of the Cup

2011 32 pack White Polar Bears cans Coca-Cola US

32 PACK OF WHITE Arctic Home 2011 Coca-Cola coke CANS

2010 Coca-Cola old cart em Connaught Place, Nova Deli Índia

Coca Cola - HDR by mokastet
Coca Cola - HDR, a photo by mokastet on Flickr.

Coca-Cola launches Coke Zero Cherry in the UK

Coca-Cola Zero Cherry by FoodBev Photos
Coca-Cola Zero Cherry, a photo by FoodBev Photos on Flickr.

domingo, fevereiro 10, 2013

Coca-Cola old Rio de Janeiro Carnaval Ads

1954 – Carnaval Brazil – Reader’s Digest

1957-feb-05 – Carnaval Brazil – Última Hora newspaper (partner), Coca-Cola and newspaper giving prizes to best of Carnaval, presented by Momo King

1958-jan-18 – Carnaval Brazil – Última Hora newspaper (partner), Coca-Cola and newspaper giving prizes to best of Carnaval

1959 – Carnaval Brazil – Reader’s Digest –Momo King surounded by his princesses

1960-FEB-13 – Carnaval Brazil – Última Hora newspaper (partner) – Samba Schools parade presentation at Praça 7 (Square Seven) at Vila Isabel. At the pic, Paula Da Silva, from Acadêmicos do Salgueiro, 1959 champion

1961-JAN-28 – Carnaval Brazil – Última Hora newspaper (partner) – Samba Schools parade presentation inside Fluminense Football Club stadium

quarta-feira, fevereiro 06, 2013

Coca-Cola ghost sign seen in Beloit, Wisconsin. Relieves fatigue

Drinks Stall, Delhi Coca-Cola

On a warm December evening, a local family stop for refreshment at Delhi's India Gate monument

Fountain Lunch Eldorado Canyon, Nevada

Fountain Lunch by Curtis Gregory Perry
Fountain Lunch, a photo by Curtis Gregory Perry on Flickr.

Swire Coca-Cola truck in Shatin, Hong Kong

Swire Coca-Cola delivery truck in Wanchai, Hong Kong

Swire Coca-Cola delivery truck outside Wanchai Station, Hong Kong

Nikon Lens - Cocacola (Thermo)

It's hard to mix Coca-Cola and Nikon and make so funny and original thing. Great!

Disneyland Paris 2012 paper cup Coca-Cola

Disneyland Paris 2012 by hytam2
Disneyland Paris 2012, a photo by hytam2 on Flickr.

Ghost in use somewhere in Mexico

P1210077 by elmancu
P1210077, a photo by elmancu on Flickr.


Corner by OxfordGirl@Heart
Corner, a photo by OxfordGirl@Heart on Flickr.

Coke bear snow globe

Coke bear snow globe by iluvcocacola
Coke bear snow globe, a photo by iluvcocacola on Flickr.