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2004 Coca-Cola AFL–Australian Football Collectors Set


2002 Coca-Cola Bundesliga Teams 2 Germany

2002 Coca Cola 15 cans set from Germany, Bundesliga 2

2002 Coca-Cola Bundesliga Teams 1 Germany

2002 Coca Cola 15 cans set from Germany, Bundesliga 1

2004 Coca-Cola Portugal Eurocopa

COCA COLA - Can from PORTUGAL (Euro 2004)

Coca-Cola Football Mexico Spec Ed

MEXICO Coca-Cola can - Soccer players

Coca-Cola Catwoman Singapore

Coca Cola Catwoman'can from Singapore

Coca-Cola Batman Returns Singapore

Coca Cola 'Batman returns' can from Singapore

1989 Coca-Cola Ghostbusters Can (big) and souvenirs 2

coca cola four Ghost can Ghostbusters can 1989 in World 3

1989 Coca-Cola Ghostbusters Can (big) and souvenirs

coca cola four Ghost can Ghostbusters can 1989 in World 1

2009 Coca-Cola Zero Avatar Singapore

COCA COLA CAN Avatar AVTR Singapore

1996 Coca-Cola paper Cup Sao Paulo


1985 Cherry Coke Bottle US

1985 Cherry Coke Coca Cola acl bottle w crown cap 2

Coca-Cola Disneyworld 20 years set

Coca-Cola disney 20th Anniversary Can Set

2011 Coca-Cola Diet Day Off Israel

Coca Cola Diet Day Off promo empty can, Israel 2011

2003 Coca-Cola Bottle wrapped Mickey Mouse 75 years

Coca-Cola Bottle--2003 Mickey Mouse 75th (wrapped)

2010 Coca-Cola Summer FlipFlops Bottle Profile

COCA COLA Summer 2010 Coke Flip Flops #3 Full

Diet Coke Karl Lagerfeld bottles

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Coca-Cola Train - Bratislava 2011

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2011 Coca-Cola First 125 years can from… Egypt !!!

coca cola cans egypt 125 years set 2011

I’m not kidding… Why not a “Live Coca-Cola Side of Revoluttion?”

The brithday is in May. Excpect many special editions!

2011 Coca-Cola Israel Recycled Collection

2011 coca-cola recicle limited ed Israel 1

2011 Coca-Cola Summer Ball Thailand

Coca Cola can THAILAND Collector Summer 2011 Beach Ball

2009 Coca-Cola FIFA Confederations CUP South Africa

2010 COCA-COLA Coke FIFA CONFEDeratio CUP soccer can SET cans SA

Only at South Africa, theese cans did not circulate and have the same Coca-Cola symbol for the 2010 Wordl Cup. Ah… Do you know tha the 2013 Conderations Cup will be in Brazil?

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Coke and Sanduiche North of Sicyli way

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1941 Chevrolet Arkansas Truck

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2009 Coca-Cola Light Quidan Cirque de Soleil Spec ed Mexico

MEXICO Coca-Cola can - Quidam

2000s Coca-Cola Caf Free Wrapped Bottle UAE

2000s Caff Free Coca Cola bottle from the U.A.E.

2009 Coca-Cola Summer Limited ed New Zealand

2009 Coca Cola summer set of cans New Zealand

1988 Coca-Cola Blue Glass Bottle Bulgaria

1988 Coca Cola bottle from Bulgaria

2007 Coca-Cola Side of Life 440 ml 110 ml free South Africa

Coca Cola Lim. Cycle 440 ml. can from SOUTH AFRICA

2001 Coca-Cola H’wah Very Spec Ed Singapoore

SINGAPORE Coca Cola Coke can 2001 H’wah! – RARE

This amazing can with bubble patern was part of a fund raising campaing for the Singapore National Kidney Foundation. The can was available only in some place, for 10 us dollars.

Coca-Cola Lemon (yellow) France

COCA COLA Lemon - Can from FRANCE (Nouveau)

Coca-Cola Citra New Zealand

Coca Cola Citra coke can New Zealand

1997 Coca-Cola Classic Contour Aluminun Cans US

1997 Coca-Cola 12 oz contour cans

2004 Coca-Cola Music Festivals 2 Spec Ed Belgium

2004 Coca Cola 8 cans set from Belgium, Festivals