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Cola Wars - Oregon US

Cola Wars by Powers Tom
Cola Wars, a photo by Powers Tom on Flickr.

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2012 London Olympics Coca-Cola aluminun bottles UK

2012 London Olympics Coca-Cola Australia glass bottles

2012 London Olympics Coca-Cola China Gift Set

2012 London Olympics Coca-Cola South Africa

2012 London Olympics Coca-Cola Taiwan

2012 Thailand Coca-Cola Light new logo

Coca-Cola Mural lateral wall of a Georgia drugstore 1939

1940s Coca Cola Porcelain Service Station Curb Sign

1952 Coca Cola 6-Pack Pilaster Sign

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Coca-Cola ghost in Argentina

bien helada by chenick
bien helada, a photo by chenick on Flickr.

San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires

2012 Coca-Cola Turkey UEFA TV ad long version

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1960s Metal Chip form Zeppelin Bar in Sao Conrado Rio de Janeiro

Solid brass 1 inch chip for costumer 2. Zeppelin bar was central point for night live in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro from 1937 to 1938. A lot of this absolutely forgotten chips surfaced Saturday. This is mine. Until know I didn't remember thar Coca-Cola use chips as advertising media. So, there may be many, from a lot of places. Se the Rainbow Kiosk at other post. More on the bar at

1950s Metal Chip valeu one Coca-Cola Rio de Janeiro

I've no idea about the bar that used theese thin brass chips in Rio de Janeiro. May be a very large movement place where you bought drinks and eats before and change the chips with table attendants or at the bar.


Kiosk Rainbow is the very gay kiosk of Copacabana Beach, nearby Copacabana Palace hotel. It exists till today and will go there to see if anyone remember about these nice and expensive brass chips. The white one values a gammon (ham) sandwich and the black one a sandwich named from Bauru, a São Paulo's city, the most usual: french bread, roast beeff, good and tick cheese, tomato -

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1980 Coca-Cola bus paint in Dublin

CIE D529 (529ZD). by Fred Dean Jnr
CIE D529 (529ZD)., a photo by Fred Dean Jnr on Flickr.

Coras Iompair Eireann Leyland Atlantean PDR D529 (529ZD) on O' Connell Street, Dublin with an all-over-ad for Coca Cola.

Coca-Cola triple ghost McAlester Oklahoma

"Delicious and Refreshing" is from 1904
and "Relieves Fatigue" is circa 1907, 1908

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2012 London Olympics Torch Relay Alluminun Bottles Coca-Cola UK

2012 London Olympics Coca-Cola Canada

2012 London Olympics Diet Zero and Coca-Cola Australia

2012 EURO CUP Coca-Cola Turkey

2012 EURO CUP Coca-Cola Macedonia

2012 EURO CUP smal can Coca-Cola Poland

2012 EURO CUP Coca-Cola Singapore

2012 UEFA Cup Coca-Cola Malaysia

2012 New Layout Coca-Cola United Arab Emirates

2012 Summer set Coca-Cola Romania

2012 Battleship movie Coca-Cola Zero US

2011 125 years Coca-Cola Portugal Very LImited

Painted glass bottle and bag gave to local contests winners

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iPhone helper for medication - MED TIME

Dear Coca-Cola friends, I'm introducing you to a new iPhone ap developed by a good friend of mine, that can make your life and mainly old people life's easier. This ap controls your medication take times, the correct doses, stock, time to buy more. I'm sure you know people who will benefit from this ap. Just 0,99... Take a look