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segunda-feira, outubro 22, 2012

1995 Christmas set Coca-Cola Thailand

Thailand Coca-Cola Xmas set of 3 cans 1995 Edition 325 ml

2006 Diet Coke b&w art set Coca-Cola Ireland

2006 Diet Coke Coca Cola 4 cans set from Ireland, Do your thing

2007 Side of Music Limited ed Coca-Cola Malaysia

2007 Malaysia coca cola COKE SIDE OF LIFE 3 coke cans set 330ml 2

2008 Olympic Games Torch Relay Coca-Cola China

2008 China coca cola Olympic Games Torch Relay coke side can 355ml

1990s Mystery Prise (not Coke) Coca-Cola Australia

1990's Coca Cola can from Australia, Mystery Prize can 1

2009 Live Coca-Cola Side of Sao Joao–Brazil

2009 Coca Cola can from Brazil, Viva o lado Coca-Cola do sao jao

It’s a countrywide mixed tradicional-religious party with lor os music, fireworks and night parties

2004 Coca-Cola Light Summer Limited ed Mexico

2004 Coca Cola Light 3 cans set from Mexico, Edicion Especial (237ml)

2006 Coca-Cola Light black art set Chile

2006 Coca Cola Light 3 cans set from Chile

LIfe is like you drink

1998 exclusive can only at Jundiai factory oppening Coca-Cola Brasil

was produced for the Inauguration of Jundiaí Factory in Brazil in March 1998 and never was marketed! There are less than 3 known copies 2

1986 Little Havana Carnaval in Miami Coca-Cola US

Coke Can Calle Ocho Little Havana Spanish Carnaval Miami Fl 1986

2012 New Art Set slim can Coca-Cola Spain


2012 Coca-Cola Light slim can Mexico


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Kenyan Good Luck House Coca-Cola

Kenyan shopfront by Sallyrango
Kenyan shopfront, a photo by Sallyrango on Flickr.

World's Largest Coke Bottle - Bangkok

World's Largest Coke Bottle by jbjelloid
World's Largest Coke Bottle, a photo by jbjelloid on Flickr.

Drink Up! Coca-Cola in Nepal

Drink Up! by Clio7
Drink Up!, a photo by Clio7 on Flickr.

The language in the small signs is Hindi. Pokhara, Nepal

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Al Bireh or Al Birah is part of the great Ramallah, once an dissociated city

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1912 AMAZING Coca-Cola match box with advertising

This matchbook or box just appeared today. 100 years old. Very improbable to have survived and unused. Matches worth a fraction of a cent and at that time they were not “safe matches” as they could go on at any surface. Quiet a finding.

1912 EARLY Coca Cola COKE Matches Matchbook w Ad Slogans on Matches

At the other side, a usual ad.


1912 EARLY Coca Cola COKE Matches Matchbook w Ad Slogans on Matches 4

But inside it’s a treasure! Every paper match has advertising! They a different. Can you imagine how difficult was to print exactly before cut in 1912?

1912 EARLY Coca Cola COKE Matches Matchbook w Ad Slogans on Matches 3


1912 EARLY Coca Cola COKE Matches Matchbook w Ad Slogans on Matches 2

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2005 Soccer Super Fan 110 ml free Coca-Cola Botswana

2005 Coca Cola 6 cans set from Botswana, Super Six Fan Cans! (450ml)

1980s It’s the real thing 370 ml Coca-Cola Australia

1980's Coca Cola can from Australia, It's the real thing (Melbourne)

2007 Africa Cup Soccer Coca-Cola Egypt

2007 Coca Cola can from Egypt, Africa Cup

1999 Things Pass Better… Coca-Cola Argentina

1999 Coca Cola 6 cans set from Argentina, Pasala mejor con tu Coca-Cola

2005 Cirque du Soleil Saltimbanco only at show Coca-Cola Mexico

2005 Coca Cola Light 3 cans set from Mexico, Cirque du Soleil  Saltimbanco

2005 Drink the Good set Coca-Cola Venezuela

2005 Coca Cola 4 cans set from Venezuela, Toma lo bueno

Old 500 ml Glass Bottle Coca-Cola Japan

Japan 500ml

1970s C3PO Coca-Cola cap from Canada

1970's Coca-Cola Bottle Cap C3PO Canadian issue- Toronto

1974 Cone Top Screw Top Glass no returnable bottle Coca-Cola US

Full 32 oz No Deposit No Refill Screw Top Coke Bottle 1974

2008 Wedding Can Coca-Cola Hong Kong

2008 Hong kong Coca Cola Coke Wedding Can

2012 Fifa World Cup 2014 Name That Mascot 2 literl pet Coca-Cola Brazil

2012 Fifa World Cup 2014 Name That Mascot 600 ml pet Coca-Cola Brazil

2012 Name That Mascot Promo - Rio de Janeiro to Niteroi Bridge

Coke Zero Truck in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan