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More 33 1990-1994 Coca-Cola ads

More 33 1990-1994 Coca-Cola ads at the site http://jipemania.com/coke/1990/index1.htm

More 2000s Coca-Cola ads at the site

Actualization of 2000s with 40 more ads http://jipemania.com/coke/2000/index.htm

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Georgetown, Guyana old 2007 Side of Life Posters still at place

Georgetown, Guyana by jbjelloid
Georgetown, Guyana, a photo by jbjelloid on Flickr.

2012 London Olympics first set Coca-Cola Germany

2012 Live Positively wrapped Coca-Cola Ligth Argentina

2010 Teen Angels collection wrapped Coca-Cola Argentina

2005 music limited ed wrapped Coca-Cola Argentina

2012 Super heroes 473 ml Coca-Cola Mexico


Remember that superhero that is inside of you
Lets play superheros again

2010 Black and White Coca-Cola light wrapped Argentina

2012 Autogrill wrapped promo Coca-Cola Italy

2007 Christmas Polar Bears Coca-Cola Zero Hong Kong

1994 US Fifa World Cup, rare Coca-Cola Israel

2008 Beijing Olympics Birds Nest Can Coca-Cola China

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